This is the
OS/2 Bootstrap Project

Its purpose is to investigate booting OS/2 on modern systems.
With UEFI and GPT becoming more and more common, new ways need to be
found to enable booting OS/2 on such systems.

Why this project ?

Modern hardware is changing in ways that require adjustments to booting OS/2.

One important change is the BIOS being replaced by UEFI,
while another important change is the MBR partitioning scheme
being replaced by the GPT partitioning scheme.

Related issues of the above are
CHS aligned partitions versus MiB aligned partitions
and Advanced Format Disks.

OS2Bootstrap has its focus on addressing the above issues

Links to Related Information

About AirBoot

Currently, AirBoot is the (optional) BootManager for OS/2.
However, AirBoot is a track0 loader, meaning it depends on MBR partitioning.
Furthermore, the track0 space is limited (~32kB), hampering extension
of AirBoot with new features or capabilities.

OS2Bootstrap also aims to find direction for AirBoot

Developer Notes

In no way this project has the intention to replace
or otherwise interfere with exsiting developments in this realm.
It is meant to be of a complementary nature.

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